Let Me Live is placing powerful pro-life billboards as close as possible to the leading abortion centers across America. Our message is simple and positive. We want to show the beauty of life to women who are planning to abort their unborn babies.

While we may occasionally place billboards in other locations, we are targeting the killing centers themselves with our advertising.

Below are some of our billboards. Our message, while positive, is always very direct. We don't have much time to get our point across. And in some cases, the mother is on her way to have her baby killed, so this could be the last line of defence for her baby.

Our first target audience is the abortion-minded woman. But we also want our ads to speak to anyone else involved in the abortion decision. And keeping this message before the general public reminds them of the evil of abortion--and that God's people will not tolerate or ignore it.

The immediate goal of our ads is to persuade a woman to not go through with an abortion. All of our billboards also give a phone number of a pro-life hotline, so that mothers can call and be connected to a pregnancy center in their area. We always give our website for people to be able to get resources online or to learn more.

So far our billboards have run in Atlanta, Georgia, and in Greenville, S.C., but we plan to cover other abortion centers throughout the Southeast, and eventually across the country. Can you give either a one-time donation or pledge a monthly gift to keep this life-saving message up?

prolife billboard

The billboard design above shows the baby in the womb as the fully human infant that he or she is. For all those who are feeling like abortion is their best or only option, we want them to know, "You Don't Have to Abort Your Child." Thanks to Mike K. with SuperGreen for creating this design for us. This billboard has been running in Greenville, S.C., from August 2010 through the present. You can see it in location below.

prolife billboard

While most of our designs emphasize the positive, we are running a series in 2011 that points out the loss caused by abortion.

Abortion Took This Child

Our earlier billboard designs included our original name of Let Her Live, before we changed to Let Me Live to avoid confusion.

The "Don't Abort Me" design was the first billboard design we ran. The production quality was lower than our later designs, but the message was simple and powerful. Of course all of our designs must be approved by the billboard company before they run, but one advertising executive from the company we were using saw the billboard and exclaimed, "We can't run that!" But the billboard was duly approved and continued to run.

Let Her Live Billboard

This billboard featured babies of two races to appeal to the widest demographic that we could reach. It was up for 14 weeks in 2007 in Atlanta and in March 2009 in Greenville, S.C. Below, in location across from Atlanta abortion clinic on Piedmont Ave.

In location across from Atlanta abortion clinic on Piedmont Ave.
View from entry to clinic:
View from entry to clinic.

Many girls and young women do not want to abort. They are frequently coerced by an abusive boyfriend, mother, or even a sexual predator hiding the evidence of his crimes. Sometimes the threat is physical violence. Often it is being kicked out, disowned, losing financial support. For these girls in desperate situations, we want to encourage them to refuse a coercive abortion.

I Refused Abortion billboard by Let Her Live
This design was near the Greenville, SC, abortion clinic in spring 2008 as seen below along Grove Rd.
I Refused Abortion billboard by Let Her Live.

Our "Life - Just Say Yes!" design is a very straightforward and positive approach with no explicit mention of abortion. It features a white baby girl and an African-American baby boy.

Life - Just Say Yes billboard by Let Her Live
This design ran across from an Atlanta clinic in August 2008 and near the Greenville clinic in September 2008.
Life - Just Say Yes billboard by Let Her Live.

We need your help. Billboard advertising is effective, but it is also expensive, so your donation will help us to keep existing billboards up and to rent more.

Please about our billboards. Tell us which designs are best or suggest a billboard design.

Above all, please pray. Pray that our ads will be effective in turning the hearts of mothers toward their unborn children. Pray that God will shut down every abortion clinic in America. Pray that the great evil of legal abortion will be stopped.

If you have some time to donate to save lives, consider volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center in your area.

Prolife bumper stickers
Baby Innocence--doll size of 12-week baby

Let Me Live exists to save babies by showing the value and beauty of human life to mothers who are considering abortion.
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