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Counseling and Help

Abortion's Scars

"My name is Sara and I'm 20 years old. I had an abortion. It's been almost a month and I cry nearly every day. I want my baby back more than anything, and I'll never forgive myself for it."2


The Let Me Live Billboard Campaign

Learn about our campaign to show the beauty of life to women in crisis. Check out our billboards and see how you can help.

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Considering abortion? Get the facts and find help.

Find out what really happens in an abortion and make an informed choice. You can even talk with counselors.

Abortion Facts

Not ready for a baby? You have options.

Abortion is not your only choice. Get help caring for your baby. Or if you can't care for her or don't want her, let a loving couple adopt her. Your child deserves a chance at life.

Loving Alternatives to Abortion

Abortion Recovery: Finding Forgiveness

Thousands of women were talked into aborting their babies and now regret it more than anything. You can find hope, healing, and forgiveness, even if you had an abortion.

Recovering from the guilt, pain, and loss of abortion

Your baby's development.

See what stage your baby has already reached. You may be surprised how quickly your baby is growing and what she can already do.

Baby Development 1

Let Me Live exists to save babies by showing the value and beauty of human life to mothers who are considering abortion.
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