Parenting - Keep my baby.

You may not feel completely ready to be a parent, but if you decide to accept the responsibility of raising your child, you want to do it well. A loving, stable marriage provides the best home environment for your baby. In fact, couples who live together are much more likely to break up and experience domestic violence than couples that marry.

If marrying the father of your child isn't a good option, you can still raise your baby alone, especially if you have supportive family members to help you. Some churches have support groups to help you. Your focus needs to be being the best parent that you can possibly be. This is not the time to pursue romantic relationships or take up a new hobby.

Being a good parent takes love, consistent discipline, and a commitment to spending time with your child. Children need rules and boundaries enforced firmly to keep a sense of stability. They also learn self-control as you provide structure and discipline. Whether you like it or not, you are your child's hero and role model, so you need to set a good example.

The girls at StandUpGirl will encourage you that you can keep your baby, as many of them have.

Focus on Your Child, a ministry of Focus on the Family, gives you many resources to help you raise your child.

No Greater Joy offers Bible-based counsel to help you develop Christian character in your child.

Elizabeth Krueger at Raising Godly Tomatoes offers practical advice for the Christian mom to deal with issues that moms face every day with their children.

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