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Volunteering at a Pregnancy Center

One of the most effective ways to save babies from abortion and serve women is to serve at a pregnancy center. Pregnancy centers meet the needs of women as they first discover that they are pregnant. Many women will come for a free pregnancy test, to get a free limited OB ultrasound (if it is offered), or to get a form stating they have had a positive pregnancy test so that they can sign up for financial assistance.

You can do it!

If you don't know much about abortion right now, that's ok. Pregnancy centers offer comprehensive training so you will no what to say. You can always tell the client you don't know the answer to a particular question or can't explain it well, then go get someone to help. If you just don't feel comfortable counseling, there's plenty of data entry, paperwork, filing, labeling, cleaning, and a dozen other things the pregnancy center needs help with.

Not just abortion

Every client's situation is different, but if you volunteer as a peer counselor at a pregnancy center, you can meet a woman in the valley of decision and offer her support and good counsel. It's not just women seeking abortion who need help. Others need to hear about saving sex for marriage. Some just need the Gospel. And every client needs compassionate care.

Men Needed

While many pregnancy centers are staffed entirely by women, men are also needed to speak with the boyfriends who frequently come along. Sometimes the man is pushing his wife or girlfriend to abort.

To find a pregnancy center in your area where you can volunteer, type in your zip code below. (You will be transferred to the Option Line website.)


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