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Wondering if you're pregnant?

That can be a scary feeling. Maybe you just feel overwhelmed. You need to know for sure. Why don't you contact a pregnancy center and schedule a free pregnancy test? While you're there, you can get information about all of your pregnancy options, and find out how to apply for Pregnancy Medicaid, WIC, or other financial assistance.

Services vary at different locations, but some centers even offer free limited OB ultrasounds. Around 30% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, so no matter what your plans are for this pregnancy, you want an ultrasound fairly early in your pregnancy to make sure you have a viable uterine pregnancy (the baby is alive and in the uterus, instead of the tubes).

To get in touch with a pregnancy center in your area call the Option Line at 800-395-4357 or type in your zip code below.



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