Partners for Life

Although Let Me Live is not affiliated with any of these organizations and websites, we count them all as valued allies in the battle for life. Many of them provide resources and services that we cannot.

Pregnancy Helping Centers

Option Line
A nation-wide hotline that connects women to local pregnancy helping centers.
A nation-wide hotline to connect women to local pregnancy helping centers.
Pregnancy Resource Center of Gwinnett (Georgia)
Offers medical services, information, and referrals for those considering or seeking abortion to encourage and support choosing life for their unborn children. Also runs a call center that serves as a hub for similar centers throughout Georgia.
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American Family Association Provides relevant research, articles, and news on issues affecting life and family.
Pro-Life Corner Supplies a weekly non-sectarian prayer to help Christians pray biblically about abortion.
Heritage House '76 Provides the pro-life community with hundreds of helpful products and pro-life literature.
Pro-Life Billboards Professional billboard production services with the pro-life movement in mind. (At Let Her Live, we've used their services, and they always exceed our expectations.)
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Adoption Agencies

Adoption Network Law Center 1-866-94-ADOPT (1-866-942-3678) Unplanned Pregnancy Adoption Services in the United States
Bethany Christian Services Adoption & Orphan Care 1-800-BETHANY Helps with both foreign and domestic adoptions and other services.
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The UnChoice Demonstrates how abortion cheats and harms women, rather than empowering them. Abortion is the UnChoice. Unwanted. Unsafe. Unfair.
Justice For All Takes the truth of abortion to college campuses and trains young people to persuade their peers that abortion is wrong.
Abort '73 Loxafamosity Ministries shows the cruel reality of abortion.
Stand Up Girl Encourages young women to stand up and make responsible choices, regardless of pressure from family or friends.
American Life League The largest grassroots Catholic pro-life education organization in the United States.
National Right to Life Fights abortion through political action and education.
AudioGirl Ministries Catholic organization based in CA providing a bold active voice for the unborn.
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News and Commentary

LifeNews Pro-life news from around the world. You can also sign up for a daily or weekly email.
Jill Stanek Commentary from a leading pro-life blogger and nurse who has testified before Congress about the deaths of babies who survive abortions.
Stand For Life Pro-life commentary, videos, and links.
ProLife Blogs Aggregates many different pro-life blogs and features some of the best each day.
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